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About Me

Anna Muni – Holistic Beautician

I was born in Berlin in 1962 and graduated as a medical beautician in 1981.

Both, my grandmother and mother have taught me already in early childhood the basics of homeopathy.

In 1989 I had my first experience with Indian sweat lodges. This encounter fundamentally changed my path and significantly influenced my work. Since the sweat lodges have become a central aspect of my life.

Lokata shamans and teachers of Bärenstamm accompanied me for many years now.

Between 2001 and 2009 I lived and workes in Hungary, i.a. with traditional and revived shamanic techniques, including Altai-Uralic technices.

Shamanic healing techniques such as drumming, rattling and the shamanic journey, as well as extractions and trance dancing have always been part of my work.

Today, I share this knowledge in remembrance of my ancestors, teachers and role models in gratitude and respect.

My philosophy

The word “cosmetics” derives from the Greek adjective κοσμετικός kosmetikós, from the verb κοσμέω kosméo. It means “to arrange”, “to decorate”. As a beautician I do not want to change anything but to restore the balance, the order and the harmony.

First inspirations in naturopathy

When I was a child, my grandmother and mother introduced me to the basics of naturopathy and homeopathy. Although homeopathy was not forbidden in the GDR, it was under observation and criticism by the medical faculties. Nevertheless, there were many brave women who studied and applied this healing knowledge.

Medical beautician

Between 1979-1981 I completed a training as a beautician / medical beautician. The requirements in the GDR were very strict – an internship in the skin clinic and in the hospital were part of the training, as well as the medical pedicure. It was followed by five years of practice in an established beauty salon in Berlin.

Indian traditions

In 1989 I came in contact with ceremonies of the Indian sweat lodge for the first time. This encounter has fundamentally changed my path. I owe this personal healing and growth to this sacred ceremony. Since then Sweat Lodges have become a central place in my life.  Shamans of the Lakota tribe and teachers of the Bärenstamm have become my teachers, companions and friends for many years.

Shamanic healing techniques

Between 2001 and 2009, I lived and worked in Hungary with traditional and revived shamanic techniques, some of which are from Altai-Uralic sources. Shamanic healing techniques like drumming, rattling and the shamanic journey, but also extractions and trance dance became more and more part of my work. Today, I have integrated these these technices in my every-day work.

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Theme-accompanying natural cosmetics treatment

Originally, I am a medical beautician. Over the last 27 years, I have embedded this foundational knowledge and work experience into my own  holistic and shamanic work. Thus, in all individual treatments, the approaches of the energetic and superordinate realities are taken into account.

Facial treatment with Weleda products

1 1/2 hours

  • Skin image analysis and cleansing
  • Preparation of the skin with warm & nbsp; Compresses
  • Cleaning
  • Eyebrow correction (on request only)
  • Face massage with special product
  • Poultice or mask depending on skin type 
  • Final Treatment
  • Light Day Make-up (on request only) 

70 Euro

Anthroposophic cosmetic treatment

2 hours

Intensive cosmetic treatment exclusively with Dr. Hauschka Products

  • Holistic Skin Scaring and Cleansing
  • Purification
  • Special Massage (Lymphatic Stimulation)
  • Poultics
  • Final treatment
  • Small hand and foot massage

99 Euro

Purification and Poultices

Treatment of blemished skin and acne.

  • Thorough preparation of the skin
  • Removal of blemishes, blackheads, milia
  • Soothing and anti-inflammatory poiltice
  • Light Day Make-up (on request only)

90 minutes: 55 Euro
120 minutes: 70 Euro

Special facial treatment for blemished skin

90 minutes

  • Thorough pre-treatment and facial skin preparation
  • cleansing
  • 20 minutes of lymph stimulation for better resolution of inflammation
  • Poutlice or mask freshly mixed and tailored to the individual skin condition
  • Advice on nutrition by blood group (only on request)

60 Euro

Ear Candling

The Ear Candle has been used as an old natural remedy by the indigenous peoples of North and Central America and indigenous peoples in the Indonesian-Asian region for more than 900 years. It could be rescued from the remedy treasure of primitive peoples into our modern world! In natural medicine, the ear candle has a high priority. It is used as the basis and concomitant use of various disorders of the forehead, neck, nose, sinuses and ears. Ear candles are a pure natural product of natural tissue, beeswax and, depending on the variety, with honey extract, herb additives in powdered form, especially St. John’s wort, chamomile, horsetail, thyme, frankincense and sage added. Even today, they are still produced by hand.

The effect of the ear candle can be explained in the simple and versatile application as a heat and pressure equalization therapy. It also acts on the external auditory canal to the zones of the lymphatic pharyngeal ring and parts of the reticulo-endothelial system (RES). Due to the stimuli set by the ear candling treatment, ear acupuncture points are fully grasped. The irritant effect continues through the eardrum (eardrum massage) transferred to the entire middle ear. From there, over the Hörknöchelchen, in the areas of the porticoes and the snail up to the cortischen organ. This affects the entire hearing system as well as the organ of balance.

Duration approx. 45 minutes with relaxation

45 euros each additional ear candle 10 euros

“Wellness”-feel-good treatment

ca. 3 hours

“Little Wellness Day” – with precious Weleda products. A very sensual wellbeing experience.

  • starting with 30 minutes of back massage
  • Cosmetic well-being treatment, approx. 1/2 hour
  • Extensive facial, neck and back massage , hand and foot massage
  • Special facial mask and healing sounds (setting up one to three singing bowls on the body for deep relaxation and harmonization)
  • Final treatment
  • Light daily make -up (on request only)

160 Euro


If classical medicine can not help, it’s astonishing how talking-off troubles can effectively help, often the discomfort disappearing after a few sessions.

Talking off is especially recommended for:

  • shingles (herpes zoster), face and head rose
  • Withering (erysipelas)
  • Herpes
  • Warts
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Allergies

The session length depends on the symptoms and diseases but approximately 30 minutes. Acute diseases are discussed in 3-4 sessions. Chronic complaints are discussed in 3-6 sessions; the interval between sessions depends on the diseases.

Cost of a session 40 Euro – There are no gift certificates for this!

All treatments are also available as a personalized gift certificate!

Anna Muni, Mareschstrasse 16, 12055 Berlin | 0176 – 32161786 |

Agreed appointments can be canceled or postponed until 24 hours before treatment. In case of later cancellation I charge a cancellation fee of 30 percent of the respective treatment costs. This also applies to voucher customers. This reduces the voucher value by 30 percent.

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